WhirlWind Technologies in the Community


Last November, our company donated 10-laptops to Calvin Coolidge Senior High School (Washington, DC). The laptops are currently being used in Math classes for the facilitation of Agile Mind, a software that provides an on-line collaborative approach to help raise student achievement. Below is a note we recently received from Ms. Martin (a Math teacher at Coolidge); also below are pictures of some of her students using the laptops.

Thank you so much for your donation!! My students are very eager to learn and do not have the technology used today to make it more fun and appealing! Now we are one step closer to being prepared for the 21st century technology they will use throughout their futures.

The students love the computers! They are constantly looking for new ways to learn the information faster and more efficient. The school’s lack of resources has made it harder for them, but my class has decided to not let it stop them from learning and moving forward in their studies. They have used the computers to access the curriculum online to work at varied paces, access online quizzes and practice exams, and study for tests. The students went above and beyond to complete Math-based research on the computers to prepare presentations for class.

The computers have really encouraged the students to have faith in their school. Many students were discouraged about the lack of materials but are now thrilled to have the tools they need. These computers will allow them to move forward in school this year and in future grades. Their outlooks have improved greatly and we truly appreciate your donation.

With gratitude,
Ms. Martin

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